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I Remember Telling Dr. Siddiqui That He Saved My Life

5 Star Rating - Written on June 23, 2023

I searched for relief from severe lichen sclerosus for five years. The condition is extremely painful and I struggled to find a solution. 

The first line of defense is steroid cream, which caused a yeast infection worse than the condition itself. I worked with my gynecologist and my dermatologist, getting Mona Lisa laser treatments and different creams for relief.  Those efforts provided temporary relief, but the condition always flared again.

As a single woman, this condition left me in a dark place.  A relationship of four years ended because I could no longer participate intimately in our relationship without extreme pain. I made the decision to not consider any further relationships. 

In 2022, I began looking to functional medicine for help with lichen sclerosus, as well as a few other minor health concerns.  I began seeing a functional medicine doctor for bio identical hormone replacement and supplements.  None of this resolved the Lichen Sclerosis.

Enter Dr. Siddiqui. I had been seeing Dr. Siddiqui at Remedy Now for Botox treatments and PDO threading.  One day, I received an email from his office offering alternative treatments.  I reached out to Dr. Siddiqui through email explained my lichen sclerosus condition and asked if he had had any success in treating it.

To my surprise, I received a telephone call from him within about 10 minutes of me sending the email.  He set up an appointment for me to meet him that week to discuss my condition and possible solutions.

Dr. Siddiqui was more compassionate and understanding of what I was going through than any of the doctors I had seen previously for this condition. The PRP/PRF soltion he offered made sense, and we decided to move forward.  It’s the best decision ever!

After a series of treatments, and adding estrogen cream, my lichen sclerosus is under control, and I feel normal again. I’m now in a fantastic relationship and I can participate fully. 

I remember telling Dr. Siddiqui that he saved my life.  His response was a bit of a smile and the comment that he really didn’t (not literally).  But he did.

Aging and chronic conditions should not put you in a place where doctors tell you it’s just something you have to live with.

Life in pain and discomfort that keeps you from being able to even consider have a fulfilling relationship, including intimacy, it’s not life.  You are left feeling inadequate and unlovable. 

Dr. Siddiqui changed all of that for me because he has the compassion and courage to try something outside of the box to resolve these types of issues; he understands that being average isn’t the same as being optimally healthy. 

I would be remiss if I did not comment on Dr. Siddiqui’s staff.  They are kind and caring and seemingly wise beyond their years as it relates to health issues encountered by women. 

Many thanks to Dr. Siddiqui and staff!!!

by Anonymous

“Was so pleased with the results”

5 Star Rating - Written on August 2, 2021

I visited RemedyNow and Dr. Danish Siddiqui because I was experiencing both stress incontinence when laughing and coughing and urge incontinence when my bladder would spasm when fuller resulting in loss of control and frequent changes of undergarments or having to wear liners constantly. I heard about Emsella through an online personal shopper/blogger, Nichole_Ontrend, a very relatable British expatriate living in Dubai who has access to the newest and best and was being treated with Emsella. My curiosity was piqued, and I went online to learn what the procedure was for. I learned that the Emsella chair involves sitting for 30″ while electromagnetic energy contracts your pelvic floor muscles approximately 12,000 times. Over time, the pelvic floor strengthens resulting in less leakage. I found Dr. Siddiqui online and was pleased to see he was also a board certified OB/GYN. After a consultation, I was able to begin immediately with a six treatment course over three weeks. I began to see large improvements with less leakage after about three treatments and was so pleased with the results that I followed with optional maintenance treatments once monthly. I have currently completed my 5th out of 6 monthly maintenance treatments. Emsella has made a huge difference for me personally. I no longer wear liners and am experiencing no leakage with coughing or laughing. I may still have some urgency to urinate especially in the morning but far less often, and even then I am able to hold my bladder until I reach a bathroom with no leakage.

I definitely recommend Emsella and Dr. Danish Siddiqui.

by Anonymous

I have been impressed by the professionalism

5 Star Rating - Written on November 23, 2020

I have been impressed by the professionalism the team has displayed during my appointments. They explain procedures very clearly and make sure you understand what is going to happen.

by Jacqueline Swanson,

Great sensitivity to my specific issues

5 Star Rating - Written on November 17, 2020

Great sensitivity to my specific issues – I came in for Laser Hair removal last summer. That treatment is on-going and I consulted Dr. Siddiqui about fillers and he did my injections. During the process he was very sensitive to my comfort level as he proceeded. He also showed me the progress and let me tell him whether to stop, or proceed with another syringe. I had almost no swelling, and only a tiny bruise at the injection sites (about the size of a pencil eraser), which went away in about a week. I look forward to my treatments

by Patient,

Dr. Siddiqui is compassionate and very understanding of the problems that women are facing daily. I am so glad I found him

5 Star Rating - Written on November 17, 2020

Oh, Hallelujah DiVa, I have my life back! – I was skeptical about having the procedure. If drugs and creams couldn’t help me, how could DiVa, I am in my early 60’s how could this possibly work? I am so glad that I had the procedures, it has rejuvenated me both physically and mentally. It has helped my marriage in a way I didn’t think was ever possible again. The staff is phenomenal, very kind and considerate. Dr. Siddiqui is compassionate and very understanding of the problems that women are facing daily. I am so glad I found him

by Patient,

I would definitely recommend this place and will be going there again!!!!

5 Star Rating - Written on October 23, 2020

Great place for beauty services. Dr. Siddiqui is a great knowledgeable doctor and he knows what he is doing. The office staff is super friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend this place and will be going there again!!!!

by Mandeep Toor,

I will highly recommend you

5 Star Rating - Written on June 10, 2020

Thank you so much for all you have done for me. The Diva procedure has been such a blessing for me! I waited a little bit to write you so I could “check things out”. You have given me a chance to enjoy my husband again! It is amazing to have a healthy love life without any pain. Yeah! Both of you were so kid and treated me with respect. This has been an embarrassing area in my life and yet I felt no embarrassment while you were treating me; thank you for that. I will highly recommend you and the Diva procedure. The pain was minimal and the time frame was quick. I can say I had no fear going into the procedure. You explained the details so I could understand what was happening. The results were beginning after the first appointment. I can say with all honesty that by the third appointment that my love life was a WOW! Thank you again

by Linda

Thank you so much

5 Star Rating - Written on December 30, 2019
Diva Procedure Testimonial
Diva Procedure Testimonial

by Anonymous

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