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Have you spent a great deal of time committing yourself to a diet and workout routine but have yet to see the results you want? This is a problem a lot of people encounter in their journeys to a better body. Sometimes diet and exercise alone isn’t the answer you’re looking for. Fortunately, CoolSculpting is a great option for those having trouble losing that excess stubborn fat. RemedyNow Aesthetics proudly provides CoolSculpting to help patients in the Thiensville area reclaim their bodies.

#1 non-invasive fat-reduction procedure in the world

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What Is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is an innovative treatment designed to eliminate excess stubborn fat using controlled cooling. It can help you target body fat in a safe, non-invasive way. The precise cooling power of CoolSculpting can help freeze fat off a variety of body parts, including the thighs, stomach, arms, and neck. It’s the easiest way to slim down the contours of your body and achieve your aesthetic goals. The precise cooling method employed by CoolSculpting can freeze the fat away without damaging other parts of your body. It’s safe and highly effective. Best of all, you won’t have to deal with long recovery times and taking time off work.

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CoolSculpting Milwaukee

Benefits of CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting allows you to achieve a slim, well-toned body without the need for invasive surgery. There’s no need for downtime, so you can return to your normal daily activities in no time at all. It’s safe and incredibly effective.

Ideal Candidates for CoolSculpting

If you’ve been having trouble trying to slim down the contours of your body through diet and exercise, but don’t like the idea of undergoing invasive surgery, then a CoolSculpting procedure may be exactly what you’re looking for. Unlike more invasive options, CoolSculpting does not damage the outer layers of skin with incisions. If you’re in good general shape and desire a more toned appearance, CoolSculpting can help.
Womand and Man showing Coolsculpting treatment areas

What Does the CoolSculpting Procedure Involve?

Before beginning the CoolSculpting procedure, your body will be assessed by our skilled team at RemedyNow Aesthetics. We’ll develop a treatment plan to help satisfy your unique aesthetic goals. During the fat freezing procedure, a cooling applicator will be applied to the treatment area. The cooling process freezes the underlying fat cells to the point of crystallization. The fat cells will die and will eventually be removed from your body through its natural processes. As the fat cells are removed from your body, the look of your dreams will be well within reach.

What is the Cost of CoolSculpting?

As with every cosmetic procedure, the cost of a particular treatment varies from patient to patient. It depends on the number of treatment sessions required to help you reach your aesthetic goal. During your consultation, we can discuss the details of your CoolSculpting treatment and what price you can expect. We also offer financing options for any budget through CareCredit.

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At RemedyNow Aesthetics in Thiensville and Oak Creek, we understand how important it is for you to look and feel your best in your own skin. Our team has decades of experience helping patients achieve the look of their dreams. We currently offer Coolsculpting treatments at both of our top-of-the-line facilities, in Thiensville and Oak Creek. If you’re interested in learning more about CoolSculpting and other cosmetic options available to you, contact our office today, to schedule your informative consultation.

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